Discover How to Dramatically Reduce Your Divorce Recovery Time and Take Back Control of Your Life

Dr Karen

Picking up the pieces after divorce can be a minefield of pain, depression and uncertainty. There's a flood of emotions that come charging at you:

...and this is all in the first hour of waking up in the morning!

I'm Dr. Karen Finn and I know exactly what you're going through

I've been there and I know from experience that divorce hurts. A lot.

After almost 18 years of marriage, my first husband and I divorced. I learned the hard way how to make it through the nightmare and come out on the other side with renewed confidence and happiness.

My divorce completely changed my life - for the better, although it sure didn't feel like that at the time and it took me YEARS to complete my divorce recovery.

But I'm here to tell you, as living proof, that getting over your divorce and moving on with your life is so much easier if you actually know what to do and when to do it.

When I got divorced, there was no confidant, mentor or guide to help me through. I had to go through my painful transition with bits and pieces of help from various people. I was charting my own path and I felt completely alone.

I made mistakes. I made poor decisions. I was caught up in all the emotions and changes and just wasn't able to be objective.

But now you don't have to make the mistakes I made because...

There is an easier way to feel better much faster than going it alone



I'm about to finalize my divorce. I had my last WYRE class on Monday. I only went because Nancy wouldn't leave me alone about taking the course. She took it in Austin after a nasty divorce and she sings its praises. So I said okay, but to myself I said, I'll go, but I don't have to participate.

When I went to the first class, I had a little bit of trouble finding the building. I called Nancy from the parking lot and told her that if I wasn't in the right place, I was going home. Nancy immediately called Karen Finn, the coach, and told her I was about to bolt and to get me out of my car. Karen met me at the door. During the first class, Karen was reassuring and calming.

There are 5 people in my class. At first, we were all inhibited and unsure of what was going to take place. As the classes went on, we opened up more and more each week and we've grown closer each week. These people know more about me than anyone, except maybe Nancy and my family.

When I started the course, I was angry at my husband, very angry, I'm talking madder than hell. Like my mother when she was divorced, I didn't want to let go of that anger. I wanted to feed it and hold it close to me. I was very hurt by his actions and, frankly, I was a mess. I had been deceived, disrespected, damaged, angered, all of the bad things that you can think of. Probably much the way you feel or felt when you were going through your divorce or break up.

Earlier this week, I was talking with Karen and she brought up that angry me who wouldn't get out of the car for that first class. I told Karen that I barely remember that angry girl. It seems like a light year ago. I feel so much better now. I've learned that I need to let that anger go; it doesn't hurt anyone but me. I've learned to value myself and take care of myself and I've learned self-respect and self-worth. I've made lasting friendships with my classmates and I can talk to them and Karen about anything. For the most part, I'm on the downhill side of this deal.

Oh, and I had to tell Nancy that she was right, I needed the classes and I thanked her for "making" me go and for telling Karen to get me out of the car the night of that first class.

Sorry I've gone on and on, but I want you to know how much you can benefit from these classes.

-- Melody (Melody was a paralegal for family law attorney, Nancy Perry)

The When Your Relationship Ends (WYRE) Workshop is the most efficient, cost effective way for you to gain access to my expertise as a divorce coach and consultant and get over your divorce quickly. By participating in the workshop, you will receive step-by-step guidance through the entire divorce recovery process so you'll know exactly WHAT you need to do and WHEN so you can get over your divorce and move on with your life.

The WYRE Workshop is for you if you're:

Portait “Before taking the WYRE workshop and working with Karen, I was depressed, scared, insecure, unsure and unhappy. Now, my life is happy and moving on – I no longer dread the future.”

-- Glenda Beam

Each week of the workshop, we'll cover a new topic in depth.

Here's a look at the steps we'll take in just 10 weeks that will help you recover from your divorce:

Week 1. Orientation/Overview - We'll go over what you can expect expect during your divorce recovery.

Knowing what lies ahead will give you a feeling of security and preparedness - something you could probably use right about now.

Week 2. Adaptations - Everyone adapts to their situation. In this step we'll look at the adaptations you developed to survive in your marriage and how you might choose to live differently now.

Just think of how having an enhanced ability to adapt can make you stronger and more resilient!

Week 3. Exploring Grief - Divorce is the death of not only your marriage, but also of the hopes and dreams you had when you married. Being able to grieve all the losses is a critical part of divorce recovery.

It will lay the foundation for deeper healing as you move forward.

Week 4. Dealing with Divorce Anger - Sometimes the word "anger" doesn't do justice to the intense rage-like feelings many people experience during divorce. We'll explore the emotion of anger, how to express it appropriately and how to make this energizing emotion work for you instead of against you.

Week 5. Improving Your Self-Worth - It's very common to feel bad about yourself when you get divorced. Almost everyone views divorce as a failure and uses this thought to feel even worse about themselves. In this session you will discover how to boost your sense of self and tame those self-image gremlins.

You will start to feel so much better about yourself and your new journey as a result.

Week 6. Developing Openness - Learning to be open again can be a daunting task after divorce. We'll examine the ways we consciously and unconsciously hide parts of our personality and experiment with being open.

Just imagine what can develop in your life when you are more open and receptive to new possibilities!

Week 7. Love?! - Love, in a romantic relationship sense, is often a confusing concept when you're going through divorce. You might even be questioning if you know what love is. In this step we'll talk about different styles of love and identify the ways you most prefer to experience this deep, intense emotion.

Once you go through this session you will have a refreshing new outlook that will last for months, even years!

Week 8. Finding New Friendships - Many people who have been married a long time aren't used to having friends of both sexes. But when recovering from divorce these are the people you can lean on. We'll explore friendships and how to build relationships that may or may not lead to dating.

When you have a support system in your life you will start to realize more than ever that you aren't in this alone.

Week 9. Sexuality - When you were married, you were probably able to have your sexual needs met by your spouse. However, once you separated and started living separately, expressing yourself sexually changes dramatically. Most divorcing people have questions around sex and sexuality. We'll talk about both.

You'll have an amazing opportunity to ask people of the opposite sex to answer questions you've never been able to ask before AND get truthful responses. What a concept!

Week 10. Letting Go - For our last class together, we'll celebrate our time together, evaluate how far you've moved on from your divorce during the workshop and say goodbye.

“Before taking the WYRE workshop, I was scared, nervous, grief-stricken, afraid of being "reeled" back into my marriage, which I knew wasn't what I wanted. Now, my life is much better -- more exciting.. I have more control. I have a plan. I look forward to getting up in the morning.”

-- Becky


“The open sharing environmet allowed me to see problems in myself that I otherwise would have ignored indefinitely. These issues could have continued to sabotage relationships for a long time to come. Now I have a chance to fix these problems. For that I am grateful.”

-- R. W. (male from Fort Worth, TX)


“Before taking the WYRE workshop and working with Karen, I was scattered. Now, my life is more pointed in a forward direction.”

-- B.J. (female from Texas)

My goal for you is two-fold

  1. To help you discover how to heal from your divorce as quickly and completely as possible.

  2. To help you rediscover the best of yourself so your post-divorce life can be even happier than you ever imagined you would be in your marriage.

The WYRE Workshop is the most affordable way to leverage my expertise and get over your divorce quickly.

FDAS Product

Let's take a look at what you will receive in this comprehensive 10-week WYRE Workshop:

“Before taking the WYRE workshop and working with Karen, I was praying that God would lead me to a support group. Then WYRE was offered and I took advantage of it. Now, my life is so much more living. I look forward to a new and different life thanks to Karen and the class.”

-- Christina B.


“Before taking the WYRE workshop and working with Karen, I was angry about my situation and unsure what to do. Now, my life is good! I've grieved and am ready to have the best life ever.”

-- F.M. (female from Texas)

So now you may be wondering:

How is this all going to work? How am I going to be able to participate in WYRE?

The next session of WYRE begins September 17, 2015 at 7:00pm Central Time, register here for the September session.

After you submit your registration information and complete the payment process, you'll receive an email with all the details of how you'll receive your textbook Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends, how to access the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Survey (FDAS), and our 10-week curriculum.

...and you get all this for a lot less than attorney fees!

For just $297.00 you can have the answers you need to put your divorce behind you and move on with your life. You will have the tools you need to be happy and confident again.

GuaranteePLUS you're protected by my 100% Guarantee - you'll love how much information you get from this product or you'll get your money back!

I stand firmly behind my products. I KNOW this product has the potential for preventing any more of the unnecessary struggle you've been going through with divorce as long as you do the work that's outlined in your personalized plan.

But, just in case you don't agree, you'll have until the end of the 2nd class to decide if this is for you. Just let me know at the end of the 2nd class if you don't want to continue and I'll refund your investment (minus the cost of shipping and handling).


Still on the fence?

Let's take a look at some other questions you may be thinking about...

Q: What is the difference between this workshop and the one at my local church?

A: There are many great workshops offered at local churches by people who really care. Most of these workshops are primarily support groups. The When Your Relationship Ends (WYRE) workshop is more than a support group. You'll learn tools you can use to help you get through your divorce healing quickly and get back to being happy and confident again.

Q: I'm already working with a therapist, do I need to take this workshop?

A: Many therapists encourage their clients to attend this workshop. It provides a unique and safe learning and sharing environment that goes a long way to assisting the process begun in counseling.

Q: Ten weeks seems like a long time, why does it take so long?

A: Ten weeks is actually quite a short period of time to work through your biggest transitions of divorce. Many experts say it takes a year to get over your divorce. Others say that for every 4 years of marriage that it takes one year of healing after divorce. Many of these experts have never been divorced themselves. The When Your Relationship Ends (WYRE) workshop has been designed to provide you with the tools you'll need to significantly reduce the time you need to recover from your divorce.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Yes I do. Although paying in full is the best value, I do offer 2 payment plans - One billed in 2 installments and one billed in 3 installments.

Ready to get started?

Yes Karen! I want to take the When Your Relationship Ends (WYRE) Workshop and feel better faster.

OK. Let's Recap.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends by Bruce Fisher, Ph.D. and Robert Alberti, Ph.D.

  • A new lesson every week for 10 weeks

  • Helpful homework assignments

  • The friendship and support of the other workshop participants
  • The opportunity to take the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Survey FDAS twice which is a $94 value.

  • 30 hours of your time over the course of the 10 weeks shared with all the workshop participants. (A $4500 value.)

FDAS Product

Guarantee And you are completely covered by the Guarantee, where you will have until the end of the 2nd class to get my money back. (Minus the cost of shipping and handling.)

Register for WYRE now

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So are you ready to get started? Invest 10 weeks in yourself and you'll be well on your way to feeling happy and confident again!


PS - Do me a favor. Go back and read a few of the inspiring success stories from the people who have worked with me. Now put yourself in their position and start to imagine a life where you can reclaim the happiness, confidence and hope that you once had for your life.

This is all possible for you, but the next move is yours.

You deserve to look forward to a happy future. You deserve to feel better. Let me help you do that. Register for WYRE today.

Disclaimer: This product uses the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale (FDAS), a self-assessment. As such, no inferences should be drawn regarding personality characteristics of individuals who take the FDAS. This is NOT a "psychological test".

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