KarenI was married at 19 and stayed in a lifeless marriage for 18 long years.

Although I was educated and had a job, when I got divorced I started entering the five different divorces without knowing that they even existed. The Emotional facet hit me especially hard. I was fearful about the future, felt tremendous guilt and low self-confidence.

I became anorexic shortly before the marriage ended, and was working a high pressure job that required me to be on call every minute of every day. I usually had to work all major holidays and had little or no time to myself – ever.

After enduring that situation for some time, I heard about a local rebuilding workshop for people who had been divorced. This was a turning point for me because I realized that I wasn’t alone. The sense of community and camaraderie helped me to see that I was a valuable person who had every right to do more and be more than I was.

Today, as a divorce coach, I’m doing my part to help people just like you get through divorce, to be the support system that I never had, and to assist you in regaining your momentum and thrive like never before.

Through the Functional Divorce process, I guide people like you to reclaiming your freedom, your confidence and your personal power after divorce

As you’ll see on the Services page, I conduct both individual and group coaching sessions by telephone and in person.

I am enormously committed to your success. I will support you while you define, explore and create your own unique definition of what an ideal post-divorce world should look like for you.

I do this by expanding your vision of what is possible—a vision that has probably been narrowed by the stresses and rigors of an unsuccessful marriage.

Next, I’ll challenge you to shape your life around what you value most by unleashing the greatness you possess within you. I have a style that’s direct, yet compassionate and fun.

If you’ve read this far and you’re ready to move forward and discuss your own personal situation in total confidence, just click here to contact me

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